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good morning mark among blainville half a mile from the scene. they have finished their work this morning this is a scene about 15 minutes ago crews from pg&e crating up that piece of pie. they took that pipe put it inside that great on the back of that flatbed. presumably they were from 2:00 a.m. this morning. you can see the out crews working there. it pulled off about 10 aunt's ago in a caravan with police cruisers chp and sheriff's department. that truck will go to washington d.c. where analysis will be done on the pipe. i'm about half a mile away from the scene itself. just southwest of
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the actual scene of the incident. obviously still a developing story. we will be out here all morning. it's been new developments happen will let you know. >> will tran live at the command center in san bruno with the very latest on the investigation. >> the investigation should take about 12-14 months. i spoke to someone about our go if they got the information before then he will pass that along. we showed to the pipes their washington d.c. to go into a laboratory put it under microscope and they will investigate. under the microscope they can see if there's any cracks before the explosion took place to tell them exactly what happened. they are talking to construction crews to see if there's any excavation that took place before the explosion happened.
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they're not ruling it out there is so much they need to do it that even though the pipes are heading out of here today may be tomorrow as quickly as possible. they will remain in the neighborhood to talk to the nippers to try and track down the e e e e e e e e e e le c ciy smelled gas in the neighborhood. also to could comb through the area to find any fragments of the pipes. they're taking three sections the pipe that exploded and the pipes on both ends. they cut off fro10 ft. from both sen. they're asking people if you run across fragments turn that into the investigators because that is vital to their investigation. they're working with pg&e as far as this investigation i've tried to talk to the spokesman about what pg&e is doing and they said they're fully cooperating and that's all they would say.
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alive injured u.s. 6:30 a.m. with the very latest. if there's anything that may have caused this he did say it would take a spark. at this point they don't know what the spark was. so many questions need to be answered. >> for all the people who wondered you have a gas pipes under your home. pg at the has been ordered to investigate all of them. >> and they are not a regulatory agency because it sent shivers to all the people all over the country. i asked if gas companies are being jockeyed to check. he says that's not his job. but more than likely gas companies will be doing inspections. >> pg&e has been ordered and said they will comply in inspecting all of lines in
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california. >> any residents out are evacuated thursday the are waking up their homes for the first time this morning. the homes that were green tag got to return yesterday. each household was greeted by somebody from pg&e who checked the gas lines and then turn the gas back on. >> it's easy to say it's only stuff and it's only your house but you're safe. but this is my life. everybody said the house was fined and that's all well and good but i needed to see it. i have seen it. oh thank you god. >> yellowed take homes got to see what was left of their properties. rigid kumar continues our coverage. >> 293 of those homes have been deemed safe enough for residents to move back into puree on the
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street i'm on this is a role homes where they were not allowed to move back into. the lights are still often some of those homes. they are working to restore electricity. if you look beyond those homes that is where the pipeline exploded. that is the disaster site. that's where investigators are working. that's where workers are trying to repair that gas line. at this point it is not clear what's going to happen to the residence that own the more than 80 homes that were severely damaged or destroyed. there will be a special meeting this morning with those residents and only those residents. other members of the public are not invited. to let them know what is going to happen to them in their homes. in san bruno kron 4 news. >> jackies beer will be holding
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our meeting tonight for the people investigating. the she will try to answer as many questions as you can the meeting starts at 8:00 p.m. at the church of the highlands. we will continue team coverage of the san bruno gas line explosion right here on kron and on our web site. we welcome the photos and video go ahead and send those in. we have links for everything from how to a get ahold of investigators. we will be right n speaking, we are fourteenth in line for take off. beep, beep, beep. looks like its bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! should have skipped that second soda. remove your belt, your watch, your shoes.
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[ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when life is mobile. ♪ are delays this morning that the west turned extremities' affecting from daly city out towards s at all these were outbound delays another record reported as inbound as well. if you take bart to the airport this morning you might want to
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think of alternate ways. our claims these delays are isolated to the stations here and they do not affect the rest of the system. drive this morning looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza no backup or delays for the west bound ride. traffic volumes look good no hot spot to report on. >> actually start this morning temperatures in the mid-50s for san francisco. starting to warm up and add about 52, south bay in mid to upper 50s throughout the day today we continue to keep fifties still about the 10:00 hour '60s by highs today '70s. about the same as what were yesterday. 613 san francisco today, keeping it in through '60s through richmond in oakland as well, south bay 714
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mt. view, 78 los gatos. warming up a bit over the next couple of days but keeping the forecast fairly similar with temperatures and low 80s for the rest of the work week. there's a storm system we're watching for the weekend. we will be right back in a moment. [ bell rings ]
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that's new school banking, baby! instead of earning squatootski... your savings will be earning three times the national average. now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? are you a pisces? more of our developing story the gas line explosion. president barack obama has called the nurse schwarzenegger asking if he needs help. pg&e has to investigate all of its pipelines. simper no gas line had been categorized as high risk because it was enough highly populated area. >> stay utility commission has ordered pg&e to immediately inspecting all of its natural gas lines in the state of
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california it is taking the additional step of appointing an independent expert board that will aid pg&e and in their investigation. national transportation safety board here in san bruno said on sunday it removed three pieces of type a large 28 ft. section that was blown out from underneath the street. plus two other sections that will transport to washington d.c. for further inspection. investigators do not know what caused the blast they are asking people to give them any information that will help them determine what happened. they ask people to sell it send in cellphone video, businesses to send in surveillance video, anyone with any information to e-mail them at san they stress the importance of
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anyone who reported the smell of gas in san bruno leading up to the blast to contact them. they have heard the reports and rumors that people made the report to pg&e or other authorities said they smelled gas prior to the blast. investigators say they have not been able to substantiate those claims. reporting in san bruno kron 4 news. >> this is the view from the neighborhood 45 minutes ago that box holds that pipe that blue 100 ft. into the air. it is being shipped to washington d.c. for investigation that could take 12-14 months to complete. james fletcher with a closer look. >> we have another photograph this is a military reconnaissance flight over the head. let's bring this fall if weekend. this is glen view
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drive. this is where the pipe was under. right in the center of your screen is a blast area. the homes in the vicinity were the ones that were most heavily damaged. rural and glenview houses were seriously damaged or destroyed altogether. claremont and one view we have again seriously damaged homes. further down all these homes rain along claremont drive seriously damaged or destroyed. also on a fair amount drive. the street back here is concord drive. right here on that section of claremont of sorry we have homes that were seriously damaged or destroyed. those are the red tag to homes. families are not allowed to those homes when they
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will be allowed back is a big question and their minds this morning. >> 6:19 a.m. well look at the traffic bard has a major delays. >> only at the west end of the line. that affects stations between millbrae and daly city. so south san francisco and sfo as well as millbrae. bart is reporting well they were out bound delays now they are in bound. now it's heading back into the system they say they are confined these delays to those five stations and the rest of the system is not affected. we putting calls to bart but so far we have not heard back carrie. interstate 80 through ay traffic volume building but no delays coming down from the
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upper east shore to lower. no back up to the bay bridge toll plaza. san mateo bridge looks good take a look here the ride is smooth this is the commute side westbound over foster city. we have concern over hot spot here southbound on 880 at west wynton chp reported accident with a semi. we will track that. >> chilly start for this morning the bay bridge approach it is clear shot we are not dealing with much fog just patchy fog this morning. it is increasing club that will make appearances for the day. oakland 58 degrees your high today 66 degrees, back down to 60 by 8:00 p.m. elsewhere temperatures in the '50s as well widespread 50s across the board, 55 san francisco, 52 napa, south bay 58
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mountain view. really not warming until the '60s still about noon. your eyes today will be '70s. very similar to where were yesterday coming in at 75% rosa, 77 napa, 78 fairfield, same with the south bay upper '70s for los gatos and morgan hill. not getting out of the '60s for oakland. here 7 day around the bay low eighties for the next couple of days inland spot '60s around the bay and '50s to low sixties for the coast. >> time now is 620 to the lawyer for an american woman cleared for release says he still is waiting for word that the $500,000 bail has been paid. uc-
6:23 am
berkeley grad student sarah has been in contact with the family and the swiss embassy. >> a body found in hercules home has been positive lead him that identified as frederick sales. he was found in the same home where his father's body was found last month. police believe both men were killed by efren valdemoro he was shot and killed by police in richmond following a high-speed chase. efren valdemoro girlfriend cindy strand live in this home with the two men. her body was found in the car that efren valdemoro was driving during the police station.
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waiting for the bill to rain this morning. the month of september has been a good one the dow has risen seven of eight
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trading sessions. the reports this week could be market movers. treasury department discusses deficit. the gaps prices remain flat at the pump. hertz has raised its offer for dollar and thrifty to 1.4 $3 billion. >> h-p has going to buy a the website ark. for 1.5 billion. analyze the data for signs of hacking after fraud. 6:27 a.m. back with more in a moment. just a few minutes before the opening bell we are taking live on wall street. rri
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welcome back opening bell with
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that we are seeing and global rally for bank stocks futures around sharply rain now. we will bring in numbers for the morning. >> the gas line explosion this morning the national transportation safety board is on the scene boxing up piece by piece the pipes that exploded the it will take that to washington d.c. for further analysis. state regulators has ordered pg&e to test all national natural gas lines in this day. death toll stands at four but there are four that are still missing. forensic testing is being done on human remains to clear that number up as well. there were two more people missing but they have been located. most residents have been allowed back to their homes now 37 homes totally destroyed people from those homes and other red tag homes will learn later this morning when they get
6:31 am
to go back in and see if there's anything to salvage. ntsb is on scene packing up that blown out by the senate offer analysis. jackie's this bill has been out there live. what d.c. going on jackie? >> i'm seeing the epicenter i'm on glenview about a half a mile from the scene. you can see the destruction we still have 15-20 minutes before daybreak and we came get a few full view of the neighborhood. the most important thing that may have happened is that spirit they crated up what may turn out to be the most important part of the investigation. they took a 28 ft. long section of that 30 in. pipe they're ruptured and caused this catastrophe and the box did up and put it on a truck. they will drive back to washington
6:32 am
d.c. and do the analysis and investigation. when all is said and done this may be the key piece of evidence. as you watch this scene i wonder if you see much activity many people driving around? let me give you the lay of the land. i'm about half a mile or so away from the scene. i'm directly across the street from a command post. this street is still closed to residents and the general public. at this point nobody is getting an here except for firefighters and p anpg&e worke. there's not lot of traffic. a little way down san bruno is open and so a sky line. skyline is over here harcars are moving over there. slowly but surely
6:33 am
residents are being allowed back to their homes. that is one that the senate won general area that were talking about where the houses are completely demolished that is still closed to everybody except for emergency vehicles. >> we will wait and see later today to see the people's homes that were destroyed can get back again and see if anything salvageable in that area. >> live at the command center that is where we find will tran. >> the investigation should take a 12-14 months to complete but there are so many questions out there which is why christopher is joining me now. hopefully shedding light on this. i know the pipes are being transferred to day the pipe that exploded 10 ft. on both ends of it as well. will we be looking
6:34 am
for? >> we will pivoted detailed examination to find out how the break occurred. wasn't fatigued break up, or was it a impact damage from excavation or what exactly caused the break to occur? >> did you find any reports that excavating was going on? >> no we didn't find any evidence but we're looking at the history of this pipe to see what has occurred during the history of the pipeline to see if that occurred some damage. and maybe it manifest did. >> this up raises a lot of questions for people who are sitting on their couch asking how does this happen? disney to be a spark to make this happen? >> 400 lbs. per square inch. if
6:35 am
there's pressure in the pipe and there's breach the gas to escape once it escapes one city reaches oxygen and if there's a spark those are the three pieces needed for >> an explosion> something as simple as a car driving by? anything of that sort? >> that is correct. >> are you leaning on pg&e to give you information on this? >> they are party to the investigation which depend highly on the technical of the party. the federal regulator. is the party. they are all providing information. >> have you ever seen an explosion like this? >> in their residential area it's pretty rare. we've seen huge escapes of gas and liquid the didn't expose for various
6:36 am
reasons. but having something this magnitude never residential area is >> >> what did you think the explosion even the politicians couldn't believe it. can you describe wall and three your mind. >> the magnitude of the force and energy taking a 28 ft. section of pipe and just imagine the weight and size and blood out of the ground under the dirt. it went up of hundred feet just a fifth course of that is truly amazing. it could've been worse but we have to think the wind conditions helped the fire not go to places work of the worst. there are a lot of things that could've been worse. >> jean of how quickly the gas was shut off? >> we are exploring that because we're looking at the emergency preparedness plans. that
6:37 am
includes quick shot off of the bells. >> >> >> a question about this more than likely the oxygen probably seek up because people were smelling gas as opposed to action region and the ground. >> we are exploring the gas all allegations because we have not yet been able to ascertain anybody who smelled gas and phone somebody about it. we have offered an e-mail address. for people to call if they smelled gas and called them because we are so far unable to verify the claims we have heard. >> think you christophersen even though they will be out here this book stable for the next couple of days as far as investigators they will be here for quite some time. they're asking if you smell gas to let them know but also asking if you happen to go back to your home and if you see any fragments turn out that over to the authorities because it could be
6:38 am
key as to they find out what happened. key as to they find out what happened. >> will be right rid of the mansion and the limo key as to they find out what happened. >> will be right budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again. you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about.
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oh! nothing we were just hazin' the intern. 6:41 a.m. the accident we have trouble tracking in the nimitz freeway the crash that block the right lane is a sig alert. it means one or more lanes are block for 30 or more minutes. this is backed up to a street now beyond to 38. that makes this hot spot. is out heading south toward highway 92. volume building at the bay bridge toll plaza as you can see the westbound approach coming from 80-580 is backed up be on the end of the east parking lot.
6:42 am
byrd reporting delays between south fix san francisco, sfo, daly city. they say only on the richmond a point line. they say other lanes and not affected but that could affect you if you're heading towards sfo think of alternate plans or plan for 20 minutes late. a check on whether with lisa. >> you can see all the low lying clouds as we head into the afternoon conditions could get a bit breezy as well. there's a slight chance of showers by the weekend. we could stay dry but we are looking at a store system. the satellite picture shows you the fog but it's more the low cloud cover the fog this morning patchy fog it is the low clouds spread across the bay area temperatures in the '50s 55 for san francisco 58 through oakland and hayward. by the 10:00 or keeping it in the '50s we will start warming up by noon
6:43 am
time i today topping out into the '70s. we will get to 75 degrees up in santa rosa today 77 napa high temperatures in fairfield and concord about 78 degrees down to the south bay coming in right around 71 for mountain view. 664 oakland. 7 day around obeyed the show is a bit of a warming trend over the next couple of days back into the 80s and low spots keeping it in the '60s around the bay low sixties for the coast. we will be right
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koppel president barack obama has called the governor to offer any federal assistance with the recovery. they have ordered pga
6:47 am
need to inspect all of their natural gas lines. the gas line has been categorized as high risk because it ran through a highly populated area. >> more about some of the loan stems from the explosion. four people reported dead. to them including the mother and a daughter. her 13 year-old daughter and a 41 year-old mother. jacqueline along time analyst. to nasa went to st. cecilia's school she was a student body president. hurt her mother were home when the blast at her husband and 16 year-old daughter were attending a back- to-school event. 2020d jessica died in the explosion she was at her boyfriend's house
6:48 am
when the explosion hasn't they were going to watch a football game on tv. this is a photo of the couple. her boyfriend is badly burned. he tried desperately to save just a couple could not. he is listed in critical condition. >> google errors they have shown the latest street q. from cool mac. if i've given you an idea of what kind of damage. here is the intersection this is earl and glenview as seen on the latest satellite. this is what it looks like thursday morning. playclothes close attention to that. that is the crater. this is after the explosion with all the damage and explosion. this is what it looked like just
6:49 am
before and this is what looks like after. destroyed this morning. i want a pullback in show you the intersection of claremont and glenview. on google earth. that's what the intersection look like before the explosion and this is what a looks like after. as you further trouble for their down just destroyed. " was a quiet pleasant street before the blast. this is what it looked like friday morning one day after. lot of these homes in the blast area red tag this morning. when it will be allowed back unknown at this point. >> the giants won help those affected by the explosion they will dedicate the next home game tomorrow's series opener against the dodgers to the victims. the team will donate $3
6:50 am
from every ticket sold to this city of san bruno. and that lend you fire victims fund. it is a fund that has been put together. they will also be collecting donations from fans as well. stay with kron 4 we will continue with the coverage. >> bayayayayayayayayayayay areac was there with traffic it's been a rough out there even number. >> bart delays continue but we also have a hot spot in hayward with that eighth sig alert issued. at least one lane of locked within injury truck. back up towards alejandro on the nimitz freeway it is taking a lot of pressure off the 92 interchange. the bay bridge back up continues to grow for the west bound 580 ride it's now back up to the 80 over crossing
6:51 am
the there has been no problems on the bridge. the board delays which had been confined to the daly city and millbrae area extends between pittsburgh a point, and that entire line and richmond heading towards millbrae as well. our reports major delays on the two lines that serve millbrae south san francisco. the other train lines are turned around at daly city. so they do not suffer from the same problems. owing to the fact that we have still not received a call back from linton johnson or anybody from art we do not know the nature of this problem. let's get a check gone weather. >> extensive cloud cover bay area wide we are dealing with patchy fog this morning of visibility is not bad. san mateo bridge not bad. temperatures in
6:52 am
the low 50s right now 67 minute getting up to about 70 to greece for an afternoon high in back down to '60s by 8:00 p.m. hour. for the most part we are in the upper 50s in oakland down in the amount you about 57 degrees for hayward, mid-50s for livermore, by the 10:00 hour we could see widespread '50s that they're not until about noon time we warming up in to the '60s and then bringing in a yellow by the afternoon. we will see plows and plenty of '70s out there but not much warmer than that. similar to yesterday. upper '70s into places like now napa and a bottle, 78 through fairfield one of the warmer spots, opera '70s through antioch in livermore, los gatos 77, your 7 day around the bay a warming trend throughout the week warming up a few degrees. back up to the low
6:53 am
eighties for the next couple of days in one spot to offer six to run the bay low sixties for the coast. darya. >> we will
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
dow futures pointing positive we are off 72 points. 10536 as the september rally continues. >> colorado wildfire is & contained right now. hundreds of residents are forced out of their homes. it has destroyed one home and is threatening others. 35 mi. away from the fire in a folder that destroyed more than a hundred 60 homes. they hope to have this contained by tonight. >> igor threatening to become a category 5 storm. igor is currently a category for sustained winds of 150 mi. an
6:57 am
hour it will stay east of the united states. it could affect bermuda by the weekend. >> we will be back with more team coverage in the aftermath of the sambar no explosion and fire that has killed four and maybe as many as eight. we have four people missing thisfu8+ç morning they are investigating four people missing thisfu8+ç morning they are investigating thekuñno carrierringconnect 240
6:58 am
6:59 am
morning news at 7:00 a.m. top stories the very latest on the deadly december no gas line. investigation continues this morning state regulators

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